I had the opportunity to speak with Nick Kengmana in the studio at True Digital Park.  Nick is a co-Founder of Go Beyond and is committed to building a community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs and helping them change the world. We had a pretty amazing conversation ranging from the impact of mechanized farming on society to the evolution of capitalism, with a bit of religion sprinkled in. 

We also discussed how technology companies employ strategies to encourage dopamine hits and the differences between them and serotonin, which is sometimes called the ‘happy chemical’. We touched on the topic of the ‘scarcity mindset’ and how Nick believes that this is part of the root of many of society’s problems.  Nick believes that “Humanity, as a species, now has the capability to provide all the resources necessary for every human on earth to have a high quality of life. Scarcity has been a key driver of progress for the human species, but we’ve reached a point where there is no longer is true scarcity in our ability to provide enough for every human to have food, shelter, education, healthcare, opportunity, safety, etc.

Now scarcity and a scarcity mindset are no longer necessary and detrimental to the species, holding us collectively back and causing suffering around the world.