I had a great conversation with Adrian Tan and Greg Tan Tze Kai to start SG Assist.  These are two guys that quit good-paying jobs to build SG Assist in response to a family medical problem that Adian Tan experience.d  Greg comes from an Oil and Gas background while Adrian is a supply chain expert.  Although neither of them had any medical experience, after long chats in the canteen while they were performing reserve military service in Singapore, they realized that the problems that Adrian was experiencing were likely pervasive.

If you listen to the two talk, they are passionate about helping people help each other, their families, and their communities…and by employing technology to do so.  SG Assist’s vision “is to help save lives and build a culture of “kampong spirit” like the good ol’ days, when everyone in the community looked out for one another.

Via our mobile app, we aim to provide you with peace of mind through our swift assistance with community volunteers. Without prompt and proper medical aid, your loved ones may be at greater risk during a medical emergency. With our mobile app, we will help you locate a trained Kampong Hero to attend to your loved ones in your absence.”

This is a worthwhile vision, indeed

EP 18 - Adrian Tan and Greg Tan Tze Kai - co-Founders SGAssist - It’s All About Keeping Calm

by Adrian Tan and Greg Tan Tze Kai | Social Innovation Podcast