The Social Innovation Podcast had a fabulous conversation with Bethany Jinks, the Founder of Zoobie.   Bethany was raised in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Australia in the state of Victoria.  In her own words, she has always been obsessed with animals which she says comes straight from her parents.  You can hear the passion in her voice when she talks and when she says her love for animals is “in her blood”, you know she means it.  Bethany tells a great story about how her father once saved a young pig named ‘Oinkle’ from greyhound racing.

“Zoobie is an online platform connecting animals that are looking for a home with their perfect family, a safe and ethical pet sales, and adoption platform. Zoobie provides a secure, comprehensive, and easy-to-navigate way for Australian animals to find their perfect home.

Zoobie integrates listings from individuals, shelters, and breeders on one platform so that buyers can navigate the pet marketplace with ease. By tailoring search results to the requirements of the buyer and the unique characteristics and traits of each animal, Zoobie aims to reduce the number of pets who require rehoming because they are unsuited to their first owner’s lifestyle.”

While the conversation was serious, I felt like we had a lot of fun.  After the recording, I shared a picture of the best dog in the world with her (full disclosure, my daughter Kyla’s dog) Jazz.

Listen to the entire episode and help support Zoobie…