I had the pleasure of speaking with R. Scott Salandy-Defour, a co-Founder of Liquidstar

Liquidstar offers a new category of energy distribution, utilizing Waypoint charge stations to deploy smart batteries for beyond-the-grid electrical power distribution. Liquidstar’s vision is to leapfrog off-grid markets to the ‘wireless’ battery-powered sustainable ecosystems of the future – solving energy access challenges for the powerless 1.1 billion and providing electricity for essential services during grid destroying disasters.

The core Liquidstar Decentralized Autonomous Utility (DAU) platform strings together various innovation layers provided by expert partners to manage the charging and distribution of source-agnostic electricity through batteries delivered by Power Ranger operators.

To understand the significance and importance of having affordable and sustainable energy in emerging and frontier markets, read a recent post from the Liquidstar blog that starts with this:

“Imagine being in lockdown, forced to sit home alone, unable to charge your phone or laptop. No Netflix, no Zoom – but it gets much worse. In cities across Africa, such as Lagos, Nigeria, people are facing starvation, violence and riots.”

Read the entire post here and listen to the full conversation with Scott.

EP 26 - Scott Salandy-Defour - co-Founder at Liquidstar - How Can a Platform Help Deliver Affordable and Sustainable Energy to the Unnelectrified Masses?

by Scott Salandy-Defour | Social Innovation Podcast