The Social Innovation Podcast had an incredible conversation with Chris Fong, a co-Founder, and Chief Innovation and Strategic Growth Officer at FeFiFo.  At FeFiFo, Chris is spearheading co-farming as a new model to disrupt and democratize the US$159b contract farming industry with a mission to make sustainable, profitable, smallholder farming commonplace.

Chris is passionate about affecting change for the better through process and technology innovation. He has strong business acumen and is also familiar with a wide spectrum of technologies both mainstream and emerging. In particular, he is interested in technology-driven innovation that decentralizes and disintermediates existing business models to improve inclusion, reduce costs, and increase efficiency and transparency.

Chris and I talked about:

  • Digital Distributed Farms Network
  • The Struggles of Small-holder Farmers and Modernization
  • co-Farming
  • Ready-To- Farm Spaces
  • Farming As an Attractive and Rewarding Venture
  • Farming in Ready-To-Farm Spaces

You have to listen to this episode.  It will change the way you think about farming and the produce that you eat.

EP 27 - Chris Fong - co-Founder of FefiFo - How Technology Can Move Farmers from Subsistence to Profitability

by Chris Fong | Social Innovation Podcast