The Social Innovation Podcast had an inspiring conversation with Neha Mehta, the Founder of FemTech Partners

Neha is a Lawyer and Fintech professional, specializing in Digital Financial Services, financial inclusion, payment systems, anti-money laundering, and terrorist financing (AML/CFT). She has worked with financial regulators across key Asian markets and assisted in developing effective policies to support diversity and inclusion.

Some of the topics we covered were:

  • Neha’s work for VSO and financial inclusion for female farmers in Bangladesh
  • bKash and the financial inclusion it represents
  • The impact of COVID on women and how it is necessarily different from a man’s experience
  • The use of FinTech as a force of good
  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – Poverty Elevation and Gender Equality
  • How SuperApps can potentially help with financial literacy and financial inclusion
  • The book Neha is writing on SuperApps