The Social Innovation Podcast was recently joined by Annette Werth and Jeffrey Char, co-founders of SOGO Energy, and the CTO and CEO respectively.  SOGO Energy believes that energy ventures in emerging markets have the power to create valuable, scalable businesses.  However, despite solid business models and fast-growing customer acquisition, they struggle to raise the money they need to sustain such growth.  SOGO Energy was birthed to invest in these local ventures and partner with them on management, technology, and funding.

Some of the topics we discussed:

  • Annette’s introduction to the energy sector and building a solar fridge in Burkina Faso
  • Jeffrey’s extensive career as an entrepreneur and how he got into the energy sector
  • How, ultimately, everything is linked to energy
  • How Annette and Jeffrey met serendipitously at a blockchain conference on energy in Vienna
  • Annette’s work on a micro-grid project for Sony in Okinawa
  • To scale, you have to go where the customers are
  • The importance of getting customers first
  • There are 789 MM people globally without electricity
  • The social benefits of energy for all and the UNDP’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals

EP 34 - Annette Werth and Jeffrey Char - SOGO Energy - Everything Is Linked to Energy

by Annette Werth and Jeffrey Char | Social Innovation Podcast