The Social Innovation Podcast was recently joined by Andre Menezes a co-Founder and the COO of NextGen Foods.  NextGen Foods is passionate about using plants to create food experiences so delicious and satisfying, it will make you forget why animals were used for food.

Some of the topics we discussed:

  • Starting his first company as a 12-year-old and building a web presence for a car dealership
  • Living in Germany for a month as a teenager and building a global worldview
  • How he studied engineering but learned he did not want to be an engineer
  • Working as a venture capitalist and getting seconded to one of the VC’s portfolio companies
  • Moving to Singapore and learning about supply chains and logistics
  • Building a sustainable company culture in which ‘fear’ is not a driver, but ‘shared purpose’ is
  • NextGen Foods’ recently announced a $10MM seed round and how this will let them ‘run as fast as possible’
  • The origin of the ‘Chicken Made from Plants’ brand, Tindle
  • The three pillars of NextGen Foods – Crafting Global Brands, Pioneering R&D, and Networks With Scale

EP 35 - Andre Menezes - co-Founder and COO at Next Gen Foods - We Are Pushing Towards a More Sustainable Diet

by Andre Menezes | Social Innovation Podcast