The Social Innovation Podcast was joined by Regina Larko, the Founder, Host, and Producer of #impact Podcast.  #impact is a “podcasting community built for and by visionaries making positive impacts by sharing stories that deserve to be heard.”

Some of the topics Regina discussed included:

  • Being very much attuned to her 8-year-old self
  • Why Regina was always interested in #impact
  • Regina’s unbridled optimism for making the world a better place
  • Growing a community and interacting with listeners
  • Making early mistakes and learning from them
  • Why Regina thinks podcast seasons are good (Can I still release weekly? is that OK?)
  • Connecting podcasts guests with each other
  • People say things but their voices may say something different
  • Wanting people to pay attention to the message, not the package
  • Remote recording versus in-person recording
  • Why we are not great listeners and why we should really get better at it
  • A normal person can speak 125 words per minute, but our brains can handle 800

Social Innovation Podcast - EP 36 - Regina Larko - #Impact - Making Magic Happen With Audio

by Regina Larko | Social Innovation Podcast