The Social Innovation Podcast sat down (virtually) with Paul Ark (Polapat Arkkrapridi), an Advisor at Gobi Partners.  Paul has had an incredible and incredibly varied career, spanning investment banking, retail, venture capital, and philanthropy.  Suffice it to say that Paul and I had a great conversation filled with thoughtful insights and ideas.

Some of the topics Paul and I discussed included:

  • Beginning his career as an investment banker helped him build skills he could use for the rest of his career
  • Being responsible for Central Group’s China market entry and M&A
  • Building out a retail presence for Apple and Microsoft in China
  • The Apple experience and understanding the customer journey
  • The complexity behind simplicity
  • Taking periodic career breaks to recalibrate
  • Transitioning to venture capital and building a fund from scratch
  • The importance of diversity across the board
  • Digital Ventures as a training ground for the VC space in Thailand
  • The reason for the Book Club
  • The move to Gobi Partners and Impact Investing
  • Female empowerment and educating girls
  • Building frameworks in the VC context to be more ESG focused and working with startups to do the same

Social Innovation Podcast - EP 37 - Paul Ark - Gobi Partners - Do Less Bad

by Paul Ark (Polapat Arkkrapridi) | Social Innovation Podcast