Social Innovation Podcast welcomed Gautam Godhwani, a Managing Partner of Good Startup, to the show.  Good Startup is a venture firm focused on the alternative protein sector. It invests in entrepreneurs creating the next generation of food and materials companies.

Gautam moved to the United States with his family when he was 10 years old and settled in Silicon Valley.  Surrounded by technological innovation, Gautam studied Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley, and went on to found three startups prior to building Good Startup.  His first startup was sold to Netscape while his third company (Simply Hired) was acquired by Japan’s Recruit Holdings.

Some of the topics covered in our discussion:

  • After Simply Hired was sold, Gautam started to explore his interest in sustainability
  • Narrowing his focus to animal welfare and alternative proteins
  • Launching Good Startup
  • Good Startup exists to remove animals from the food system (read the manifesto here)
  • The move from ingredients and food science to molecules and biotechnology
  • Will technology personalize food?
  • What is a flexitarian?
  • The importance of food security
  • An increased focus on zoonotic diseases

You can see some of Good Startup’s portfolio companies here.

You can see some statistics on how many animals are killed for food every year here, here, and here.

Social Innovation Podcast - EP 38 - Gautam Godhwani - Managing Partner at Good Startup - Once I Looked I Couldn't Look Away

by Gautam Godhwani | Social Innovation Podcast