The Social Innovation Podcast was honored to have Sandeep Aneja and Jetu Lalvani, Managing Partners at Kaizenvest on the show. Kaizenvest is an emerging markets asset manager focused on the future of learning and work, managing private equity and private debt funds in South & Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.  Kaizenvest believes that the future of learning and work is being redefined through technological, pedagogical, and learning-engagement model innovations.

Some of the topics Sandeep and Jetu discussed:

  • After a successful career in Silicon Valley Sandeep returned to India
  • Sandeep ran into Jetu who was already running the German School in Bombay
  • Why Sandeep wanted to buy a school and why people thought he was crazy
  • Both men had teaching and schools as a throughline for their entire lives
  • When Sandeep was at university, he put together an education program for the railway factory’s families
  • Kaizenvest is meant to provide smart capital to education entrepreneurs in emerging markets
  • How education is an extension of culture and the economy in which it operates
  • Education and EdTech investing is not just about schools
  • Building a business and having an impact
  • Can learning opportunities be personalized?
  • The example of a company in the Philippines called PhinMa
  • Access, Quality, and Relevance
  • Core, Parallel, and Ancillary
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Doughnut Economics

Social Innovation Podcast - EP 39 - Sandeep Aneja and Jetu Lalvani - Kaizenvest - What Problem Are They Trying To Solve?

by Sandeep Aneja and Jetu Lalvani | Social Innovation Podcast