The Social Innovation Podcast enjoyed talking to Sylvia Yu Friedman.  Sylvia is a renowned Author, Award-Winning Filmmaker, and Serial Entrepreneur. Sylvia has devoted her life to exposing the world to the horrors of sex trafficking and human slavery and inspiring others to join in fighting against them.

Some of the topics that we discussed:

  • Sylvia’s involvement in media since 1997 and her perspective on omnichannel
  • How she first learned about sex slavery and comfort women from a newspaper article in 1991
  • The genesis of her first book, “Silenced No More: Voices of ‘Comfort Women’”
  • The intensity that is necessary to write her books
  • The challenge of getting people to open up and tell their stories
  • No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader” and why empathy matters
  • The sheer difficulty of filming on location in Asia and the real dangerous situations that Sylvia encountered
  • The importance of healing and reconciliation
  • Struggling with her Korean heritage and later embracing it

You can find a link to Sylvia Yu Friedman‘s newest book, published by Penguin Random House SEA,  “A Long Road to Justice: Stories from the Frontlines in Asia”, here

Social Innovation Podcast - EP 41 - Sylvia Yu Friedman - Author, Award-Winning Filmmaker and Serial Entrepreneur - A Long Road to Justice

by Sylvia Yu Friedman | Social Innovation Podcast