The Social Innovation Podcast sat down with Marie Cheong and Quentin Vaquette, two of the founding partners of Wavemaker Impact, to talk about solving the climate crisis through impactful businesses. Wavemaker Impact is a fund and a venture builder looking to grow companies that can earn $100 million in revenue and abate 100 megatonnes of carbon per year.
This week’s episode is guest-hosted by Zal Dastur. Zal, has been an entrepreneur for the past 14 years and has turned his attention to solving the climate crisis in the best way he knows, helping for-planet businesses develop and grow. As an active advisor and investor, Zal has impacted dozens of companies in the climate space, helping them reach their potential to do the maximum good for the planet.
Some of the topics that we discussed:
  • What does 100×100 companies mean?
  • How a trip to the Maldives helped to inspire change
  • How to create a new molecule
  • Adoption can be the biggest challenge in decarbonization
  • Approaching change from the lower point of friction
  • The $2BN opportunity in carbon
  • How to analyze companies by their ability to draw down carbon
  • How to go after the big game in carbon
  • What is the carbon TAM?
  • The impact rice growing has on emissions
Other titles we considered for this episode:
  1. Carbon Can Be the New Natural Resource for Asia
  2. Sustainability Is a Team Game
  3. Value Pockets Are Like Hot Pockets, But Full of Dollars
  4. Climate Is the New Tech
  5. You Don’t Need to Be a Scientist to Build a Climate Tech Company
  6. The Next Thousand Unicorns Are Going to Be in Climate