The Social Innovation Podcast was fortunate to have Evelyn Tay, VP, Communications and Public Affairs, Sustainability – APAC, at foodpanda on the show.  What made this even better was recording in the foodpanda offices in Singapore.
Some of the topics Evelyn discussed:
  • Her father’s immigrant story from China to Singapore
  • Multilingualism as a competitive advantage
  • Saving 900 million pieces of plastic cutlery as a result of one decision
  • The importance of building a community around what you do
  • The need to have continuous dialogue with the drivers and riders
  • Internal feedback sessions as an integral part of foodpanda
  • Why and how electric vehicles matter
Some other titles we considered for this episode:
  1. You Couldn’t Do the Job Without Empathy
  2. We’re Not Just Status Quo
  3. Post COVID, Everything Changed
  4. I’m So Proud That Our Leaders Do It
This episode was produced by Isabelle Goh.