Impact at Scale got the chance to talk to Renat Heuberger the CEO and Co-Founder of South Pole. South Pole develops and implements comprehensive emission reduction projects and strategies that turn climate action into long-term business opportunities for companies, governments and organizations around the world.

Renat has been in the sustainability space for a long time and we talk about some of the stories from the early days of South Pole and how he feels the world needs to change it's perspective on what success is. Renat is a firm believer that people should be successful by saving the planet and not by digging it up and destroying it. This is a great conversation with someone who is on the front lines of helping organizations decarbonize and be more planet positive.


Some of the topics Renat Covered:

  • Creating a business case out of the protection of the environment
  • Holding people accountable to the promises they make
  • Importance of science based targets
  • What the price of carbon should be
  • How regulation is created
  • The role of activists in the movement
  • The most impactful way to reduce carbon in this country

Some other titles we considered for this episode:

  1. How much does it cost the whole world for the emission of 1 tonne of CO2
  2. Will environmental accounting soon be as robust as commercial accounting
  3. When all the actors act in concert you create a wave that is unstoppable
  4. We need all people in their capacity to make a difference together
  5. The richest people on the planet should be the most successful environmentalists
  6. Offsetting only works with a robust reduction strategy

Read the best-effort transcript below (This technology is still not as good as they say it is…):