Impact at Scale had a chat with Simon JD Schillebeeckx the Co-Founder of Global Mangrove Trust and Handprint. Both of these organizations work towards preserving the natural ecosystems around the world.

Simon is in a unique position of being both an academic at Singapore Management University and an entrepreneur which gives him an interesting perspective on sustainability. His combination of science-backed research along with business practicality allows him to contribute positively to both aspects of his life.

Some of the topics that Simon covered:

  • What an academic entrepreneur is
  • The contradiction between being an academic and an entrepreneur
  • The power of mangroves
  • Operating within the capitalist system
  • How to nudge people to change
  • The importance of regulation

Some other titles we considered for this episode

  1. Design is the first signal of human intention
  2. We have built wealth by stealing the future from the next generations
  3. You cannot throw anything away, you can get it out of sight
  4. Nature doesn't waste anything

Read the best-effort transcript below (This technology is still not as good as they say it is…):