Impact at Scale had a great conversation with Steve Hoy and Grant McDowell the founders of Enosi.

Enosi is an energy traceability solution enabling households and businesses to buy energy directly from solar and wind farms. Technology that will become more important as consumers start to demand their energy comes from renewable sources.

Steve and Grant are both at the forefront of the energy transition and we talk about how that is progressing and how much longer we have on the journey to 100% clean and renewable energy.

They are strong advocates for giving the consumer the option to choose where their energy comes from and their PowerTracer software gives customers that ability.

Some of the topics that Steve and Grant covered:

  • Their paths to solar
  • The complexities around selling electricity
  • Giving green energy at a cheaper costs
  • Getting to 100% clean energy in a market
  • Turning Australia into a clean energy exporter
  • The benefits for consumers

Some other titles we considered for this episode:

  1. Make sure everybody can get access to renewable energy
  2. Customers want to buy energy from a place they can trust
  3. Provenance of energy is going to be more important

Read the best-effort transcript below (This technology is still not as good as they say it is…):