In this episode of Impact at Scale, Zal Dastur, your host, dives deep into the sobering reality of climate change with Ben Horton, Director of the Earth Observatory of Singapore. We confront the stark truth of science's struggle to communicate the urgency of the crisis to policymakers and the public. Ben unpacks the daunting challenges of prioritizing carbon reduction in decision-making, emphasizing the critical need for a swift transition to renewable energy.

Beyond technical solutions, the conversation delves into the psychological dimension, exploring the role of behavioral change in addressing the crisis. Ben emphasizes the importance of education, political will, and long-term thinking as essential weapons in this existential battle.

This episode is a stark call to action, urging us to move beyond despair and embrace the power of collective action in the face of climate change.


Some of the topics that Ben covered

  • Science's Failure on Climate Change
  • The Challenges of Behavioral Change
  • Short-Term Thinking and Lack of Political Will
  • The Importance of Choice and Making Sustainable Decisions
  • Every decision we make needs to take carbon into account

Some other titles we considered for this episode

  1. When an ice sheet melts, it doesn't have a conscious
  2. There is no vaccine for climate change
  3. 2023 is the best year we will get for decades

Read the best-effort transcript below (This technology is still not as good as they say it is…):