Impact at Scale got to have an insightful conversation with Dale Rickert, Global Head of Product, GREENTECH FESTIVAL and Jan Willem Bolderdijk, Professor of Sustainability & Marketing at the University of Amsterdam.

This was a wide-ranging conversation that covered many different topics. We examined cultural tipping points and their importance in the fight against climate change. There was also a lively discussion on the ethical and cultural aspects of marketing and consumption in a sustainable future.

This conversation was a fantastic melding of theory and practical application of behavioral change as they see it in the real world. It was an insightful discussion for anyone interested in how we change the global mindset on sustainability.

Some of the topics Dale and Jan covered:

  • Social Tipping Points
  • Storytelling and Marketing
  • Intention-Behavior Gap
  • Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up Change

Some other titles we considered for this episode

  1. Culture eats strategy for breakfast
  2. Change instigated by those who don’t have a lot of power
  3. People will speak out when they feel there’s institutional support

Read the best-effort transcript below (This technology is still not as good as they say it is…):