Impact at Scale had the privilege of speaking with the remarkable Sharona Shnayder, founder of Tuesdays for Trash and recipient of the National Geographic Young Explorer Award. Sharona shared her inspiring journey and the remarkable expansion of her grassroots environmental movement.

Tuesdays for Trash, born out of the COVID-19 lockdowns, became a beacon of hope for Sharona and her friend to make a difference in the world. What began as a local initiative swiftly transformed into a global force, spanning an impressive 40 countries.

Sharona's narrative is a testament to the belief that each of us holds the power to address environmental challenges. She candidly shares the obstacles and victories she's encountered in her activism, underscoring the urgent need for policy shifts and educational campaigns to effectively manage waste.

Some of the topics Sharona covered

  • Starting Tuesdays for Trash
  • Manifesting the Movement
  • Using Social Media to Spread Awareness
  • Unexpected Growth and Becoming a Movement
  • Some Incredible Moments

Other Titles We Considered

  1. How to start a movement
  2. It's an act of respect
  3. We're making it seen and visible so people don't feel like they're alone in this fight
  4. It's so simple and easy it makes it accessible to anyone

Read the best-effort transcript below (This technology is still not as good as they say it is…):