In our final installment of speaking to companies in the APAC Cleantech 25, Impact at Scale sat down with Tulika Raj, CEO and co-founder of SunGreenH2. SunGreenH2 is transforming green hydrogen with proprietary technology to produce high-performance, low-cost electrolyzers components using advanced nanostructured materials.

Tulika delves into the crucial role of electrolyzers in creating green hydrogen, a versatile resource that finds application in many industries. From ammonia production to petrochemical refining and chemicals production, hydrogen is a key player. She also explores the potential of hydrogen in the automotive sector, underlining the necessity of a diverse range of renewable energy solutions to achieve net zero emissions. Tulika sheds light on the advantages of Singapore as an innovation hub and the challenges the electrolyzer industry is grappling with. She underscores the significance of regulation and localization of manufacturing in driving the widespread adoption of electrolyzers.

Some Of The Topics Tulika Covered

  • Use cases for Hydrogen
  • Potential of Hydrogen in the Automotive Industry
  • Leapfrogging Technology in Remote Areas
  • Increasing Adoption of Electrolyzers in Industry

Other Titles We Considered

  1. Opportunity for an energy leapfrog
  2. Supercharging electrolyzers so more hydrogen can be made
  3. Hydrogen has more energy content per unit compared with anything

Read the best-effort transcript below (This technology is still not as good as they say it is…):